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Type 40-AG
    HSS Combination Drill and Tap Type 40-AG
    The self-centering split point provides excellent drilling precision and accuracy.

    Combination Drill and Tap tools are ideally suited for on-site tapping construction , maintenance and repair, assembly and production environments.

    Hi-Molybdenum tool steel ensures longer tool life.

    Proudly manufactured in the USA
              with globally sourced material
    Type 40-AG Combination Drill and Tap Super Premium DOWNLOAD: PDF

HSS Type DT-6 6pc. Combination Drill and Tap
    6pc. & 7pc. Combination Drill & Sets
    Type DT-6
    Size includes: 6-32", 8-32", 10-24", 10-32", 12-24", 1/4-20"

    Type DT-7F (Fine)
    Size includes: 8-36", 10-32", 1/4-28", 5/16-24", 3/8-24", 7/16-20", 1/2-20"

    Type DT-7C (Coarse)
    Size includes: 8-32", 10-24", 1/4-20", 5/16-18", 3/8-16", 7/16-14", 1/2-13"

    Secure, snap-lock cover.

    Proudly manufactured in the USA
              with globally sourced material
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