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Step Reamers–Gold Oxide

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PRODUCT CATALOG >> Type 78–Step Reamers – Gold Oxide

Type 78–GR Gold Oxide Step Reamers 3–Flats on Shank

    Type 78-GR Gold Oxide Step Reamer
    Gold Oxide – Low temperature stress relief that enhances lubricity, reduces friction and increases toughness.

    Quickly start, to enlarge and deburr holes in materials Up to 1/2" thick.

    Step reamers has five hole enlargements steps accurate hole enlargement.

    90° notch point starts holes easily.

    3–flats on Shank.

    Proudly manufactured in the USA.
    Type 78–GR Gold Oxide Step Reamers 3–Flats on Shank DOWNLOAD: PDF

    Type 78–GR Gold Oxide Step Reamers 3–Flats on Shank

      Step Reamer Gold Oxide Set
      3pc. Part# 83750 — Sizes include: 5/16" – 1–1/16"

      2pc. Part# 83760 — Sizes include: 5/16", 9/16"

      Packed in durable plastic case.

      Adobe Acrobat PDF DOWNLOAD: PDF

Our product is sold through select distributors. Please contact customer service 1-800-328-4655 personally answered for the nearest distributor.

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